Showreel 2017

Animation, production, design, allround 3D

“We Were Here Together” Official Announcement Trailer

Direction, Voice Acting, Character Design (Jester), Allround 3D 

KIN Teaser, VR Game by House of Secrets

Animation, story writing, design, production

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Apex Teaser (By House of Secrets)

Directed by Arjan van Meerten @ House of Secrets
Animation, production, allround 3D
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11 Second club November 2016

Animation using the Norman rig

11 Second club December 2016

11 Second Club animation

Sanoma TVC

Animation & Production

Ziggo intro Animation

Animation & Production

Piratenman, waar ben je dan!?

Concept, Direction, Art Direction, Animation


Alien & de Sjaak

Concept, Direction, Art Direction, Animation Cadeauwinkel

Animation & Production Klussen

Animation & Production Bulk 10 Daagse

Animation & Production Albert Heijn

Animation & Production



Ives Ensemble

Concept, Direction, Art Direction, Animation